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A lot of people ask why we are in the insurance industry. After all, it’s not known to be cool, or exciting. Yet here we are. The way we look at insurance is different. We’re NOT in the “insurance business”- we’re in the “experience business!” I know you are wondering what does ‘experience business’ mean?

Let us clarify… We take the complication and confusion out of insurance- we break it down in the simplest form. We take the time to educate you on how to properly protect your investments- whether that is your home, business, toys- whatever you have. We explain WHY you should have a certain type of policy or coverage, and what will happen if you decide not to. We give you choices of coverage, companies, prices- but we will NEVER go against our high standards. It’s our responsibility to make sure you are made whole again after a claim. If we are skimping on coverage or types of policies, then you will never be made whole after a claim, and we can’t let that happen.

We are highly focused on the client experience. We want you to feel like family (ohana)- like you matter. If/when you have a claim, we WILL be there for you- to walk you through the process, to advise you if you should turn in a claim, and be your advocate between you and the insurance company. We have a unique relationship with our clients and we hope that you are seeking a trusted advisor that you can really depend on to help you navigate this crazy world of insurance. We are not in the business of skimping on coverage or price shopping your rates. We all know that rates are important, but they are not the most important. Representing over 50 Insurance companies helps us to do the research for you- to find a company that understands your needs, and is willing to offer you the coverage you need and want, at a price you can afford.

We also provide a Digital Experience for our clients. In this modern day of technology, long are the days where you should have to come into the office and give us your paperwork and go over all your polices. At Culley Insurance Group, we offer a variety of time saving and efficient ways of working with us. We try really hard to keep everything paperless- this is our way of helping keep (the Aina protected) our carbon footprint down. We have amazing programs to use for e-signature, so you don’t have to worry about faxing or scanning and emailing things back to us. Our website if full of tools designed to make this process as simple as possible. We think timely communication is also very important.

Our goal is to make your life simpler, easier and less complicated, because insurance doesn’t have to be hard. We want to be your trusted advisor and your friend, (your Ohana) that person you turn to for help.

Our History

Elizabeth Culley is the owner and founder of Culley Insurance Group. After being in the Insurance Industry for over 13 years she decided in 2016 to start a new kind of Insurance Agency. She wanted something unique, fun, and exciting. She looked around at different insurance agencies, but everyone was doing the same thing; the way Insurance has been done forever. She had the experience, she had the knowledge, now she decided to use her determination and stubbornness to start an agency from scratch. This is no small feat friends. After months of planning, she was able to open Culley Insurance Group. She wanted an Agency that truly understands the spirit of Aloha.

Elizabeth wanted an Insurance Agency that was truly centered on the clients experience. A fun and exciting place where people can really learn how to protect what matters most. To have an open, honest, and friendly relationship between a trusted advisor and the client. We work hard to understand your needs, and we create solutions to take care of those needs.

She wanted to educate, not just her clients, but anyone that wants to listen. We want to help re-focus the attention on the coverage, the service and the experience of Insurance; not just the price of insurance. After all, who really cares if you pay an extra $100 or $200 a year for insurance if you get everything you own replaced?

Culley Insurance Group also found a niche in the market for an Agency that was able to provide Insurance for clients both in Hawaii and on the West Coast.

We thank you very much (Mahalo Nui Loa) for visiting our page and hope that you contact us if you have any questions or would like to work with us.


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