COVID-19: iCAT Coverage Guidance Update

ICAT is actively monitoring the information available with respect to the Coronavirus, and we are committed to providing timely information. With new information regarding the pandemic arriving frequently, we expect the crisis to continue to progress in the coming weeks. As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to develop around the world, it understandably raises questions and concerns for insureds who are facing likely interruption to their business and economic impacts due to the virus.

COVID-19: A New Era in Insurance Begins

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe right now will change the way we think about insurance and life forever. We have to let that sink in for a minute as we unravel what our world looks like today and in the future. Unprecedented events like COVID-19 & other life altering events like 9/11, have a cause and effect ripple within our industry that is felt for generations.

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