Commercial umbrella insurance, or business umbrella insurance, is a policy designed to provide protection for a business after it’s reached the limit of a current eligible liability policy.  Typically a commercial umbrella policy is written above a commercial general liability insurance policy (CGL), business auto policy (BAP), watercraft and aircraft policies, and employers liability policies(think wrongful termination, sexual harassment, libel, slander, etc).

An umbrella policy serves three purposes:

  1. Provides additional lawyer fees to represent you in court after the limits of your underlying coverage has been exhausted
  2. Picks up where the underlying policy limits left off
  3. Provides protection if a judge awards that you to blame for the bodily injury or property damage and awards judgement against your company

But not everything can be covered by a commercial umbrella insurance policy.  So it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable insurance professional, who understands your business, to find the best commercial umbrella insurance your business needs.

Our concierge insurance agents will take the time to explain your options and tailor a commercial umbrella insurance policy suited just for you. Ensuring the protection of your assets.

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