The name sounds confusing, but don’t let the name confuse you.  Typically called an equipment floater policy. As opposed to “marine insurance”, which provides coverage for products on the water, inland marine insurance provides coverage for products, equipment, and materials transported over land.  Most businesses use this type of policy to cover their business personal property (tools, equipment, computers, etc), that travel with them and don’t stay at a specific location.

If your business frequently takes your tools/equipment away from your primary location or ships products or equipment you may want to purchase inland marine insurance.

Typical products or equipment include:

  • Computers, laptops, servers, etc.
  • Communications and networking equipment, cables, fiber optics, etc.
  • Construction equipment- tools
  • Photography and video equipment

Inland marine insurance is a valuable insurance policy to have, if you travel with your business personal property.  Businesses with valuable trade show equipment that are shipped around the country and stored by third party vendors may want to purchase inland marine insurance.  If you as a business are storing other people’s property temporarily in your possession, you may want to purchase inland marine insurance.

Its important to talk with a knowledgeable insurance professional to find the right coverage for your business needs.  Our concierge insurance agents will take the time to explain your options, see if your business needs inland marine insurance, and tailor a policy suited just for you. Ensuring the protection of your assets.

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