James Campbell


Wow! I switched to Cully insurence group and she went through my policy and found SO many holes in my insurence that I would have been completely liable had my company had any claims. CI bought my company the correct insurence. This company is on top of their game… They already saved me 19k. Cully insurence group is hands on and handles so much work on their end I barely have to lift a finger. Ten-star service if there was such a thing. THANK YOU! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Nicole Meadows


We bought our first house last December 2017 and had our pick of insurance companies. It is a very competitive market and I am very thoughtful about who I choose to work with. Working with Elizabeth and the Culley Group has been a great experience. Whenever I need anything from a quote for whatever insurance I need for my personal or home needs or calling to say we lost a paper and need a new copy quickly, Elizabeth is prompt, professional, and polite. I know we are in the best of hands and she is there 24/7 should the need arise. Thanks Elizabeth and the Culley Group!!

Julie Lipsitz


Elizabeth is so hands-on with her service. I really appreciate the extra steps that she takes to ensure that my family and I get the best possible policy for the most affordable price. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an insurance agent.

Todd Kirkendol


Elizabeth is the best insurance agent in Bend. She truly understands the details of a complex industry and provides her clients with a personalized customer service experience. 5 stars!

Lea Ann Kjome

Elizabeth is awesome — she’s extremely smart, very responsive and has a great attitude. Nothing fazes her, as far as we can tell. We don’t think you can go wrong with Culley Insurance Group.

Brian Rigney


Elizabeth worked with us from 2009-2012 as our insurance agent for both business and personal insurance needs.

Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company and our personal lives on track. Insurance can be complicated and she made it much easier to understand which helped us to make better decisions for our needs.

I feel confident in recommending Elizabeth not only for insurance but for any professional service. She is not only thorough, but collaborates well and is always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Patty Clouse


Elizabeth is awesome. Her attention to detail is wonderful. She listens to your needs and recommends what would help you best. I am just sorry she is no longer in my area, I have really enjoyed working with her. And I would recommend everyone I know to get with her.

Robert J. Fenton


I have known Elizabeth for about three years and met her at a business networking event. She was working for an independent insurance group and while I had coverage I was in the market for another option. I met with Elizabeth and was immediately impressed with her professionalism, passion and knowledge of the insurance industry and its products as they pertained to my families needs. And, in an industry(insurance) where product differentiation and the costs thereof can sometimes seem daunting it always comes down to the agent in regard to helping you navigate appropriately. In that regard, actually all regards, Elizabeth was the best agent I’ve ever had and she’ll be yours as well.

Michelle Turner


From personal to business coverages Elizabeth has always provided the best in insurance products and service. The business education I have received from her has helped me become a better business person and I am more protected than I ever realized I could be. She’s the best!