Gary Albitz - Insurance Champion with Culley Insurance Group

Gary Albitz
Insurance Champion

Hawaii: (808) 419-7099
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Gary Albitz has deep and extensive experience in International Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Product Development, Cyber Security, and IT with and for major F500 companies. As an entrepreneur he has led/advised multiple startups through IPO to breaking $500MM sales.

A native of Southern California, Gary has lived throughout the United States and Kenya with the US Peace Corps, traveled around the world multiple times. He has a Dual BS, MS, MBA and a Teacher’s Credential. He recently retired from Silicon Valley and moved to Maui with his wife Mary. As a world champion gymnast, he has held world records and was a guest on the Guinness Book of World Records Television show.

He is currently a Licensed Insurance professional, Certified Business Coach/Trainer, a Master Gardner, Certified Farm Apprentice, Licensed Private Pilot, Lecturer of Business, Technology and Food Innovation at University of Hawaii Maui College, and a Business Development Consultant to various Hawaiian non-profits and the USDA.

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